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    if i was a skeleton i would just say “that really rattles my bones” in response to literally everything

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    chill it’s cos your rare

    the entire female population of east asia is rare?

    homie ur about to be cooked medium rare and sacrificed


    It got better

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    "The hyper-sexualization of little girls and their bodies, as a mother, really bothers me. It plays into the sexualization of their bodies into their teenager years and adult life. It makes them grow up faster than they need to. Let them be little girls, have fun, be able to play in the playground and not worry about going on the monkey bars because someone’s going to see their underwear. Something like this constricts their movements, which affects the way they play."

    Jenny Reid, a volunteer firefighter with Langford Fire Rescue, says the costume is not only offensive to women in her field, it’s also damaging to the self-esteem of little girls.

    "That costume is awful and it sends the wrong message," she says. "It reinforces that there are still jobs that are off-limits to women. It’s not a representation of the real job. Little girls can do whatever they want. They shouldn’t be restricted. Those types of costumes put so many limitations on them. They don’t build the self-esteem and confidence you need to be a firefighter or police officer." " [x]

    I work at a halloween store and have been pointing this out to coworkers, as well as getting into discussions with moms and dads about this all year (really, for the past four years, but it has actually gotten worse).

    We did a count and we only had two little girls costumes that weren’t a dress/skirt.  Costumes like pikachu, cat, cop, firefighter, powerranger ALL are turned into little dresses that barely look anything like they are supposed to.

    It is sad and scary. Make your own costume.

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    My new book Lullabies is now available via Amazon, BN.com The Book Depository and bookstores worldwide.

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  5. "

    I don’t care that you got into drugs for three months straight, or how much sleep you lost in that period. I don’t care that you went home and fucked that person and woke up at 6am hating everything about yourself, or that you smoked so much you sounded as though your lungs were giving out.

    You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.

    You’re just human, and being human means you need to survive and you do so whichever way you deem fit, fuck everyone else.

    — "you’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness"  (via bl-ossomed)

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    Amy Winehouse: rare pictures in polaroids

    I miss her so much

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  10. "I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art."
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